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with multiple gunshot wounds. they say they are looking for three or four suspects and that they do not believe this was a random shooting. >> we do not have anything other than three or four men. detectives feel like they are in a good place. they are examining several possibilities as far as motive. we do not want to isolate anything because it is early in the investigation. there are people out there that knows something about this crime. >> and so police believe the three or four suspects entered the home, shot the two brother and their mother and fled. the boys died at shock trauma. the mother is in stable condition tonight. reporting live, kai reed, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. meanwhile, and walmart employee is recovering after being shot. they say a suspect wearing a mask forced the suspect outside and then opened fire.
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kim dacey has been following the situation all day, and she joins us from laurel. kim? >> this walmart was shut down between 5:00 and 10:00 this morning because of the incident, and we have seen cars driving by, patrolling the store all day. they are still looking for the suspect to shock the employee during the robbery. he is still on the loose tonight. take a look at the surveillance photographs. anne arundel county police are looking for this man. they say he walked into the walmart in moral, walked up to an employee, and demanded money. >> the employee complied, and they wound up in the parking lot, and for unknown reasons, he shot the victim in the upper body. >> police found the employee lying in the parking lot and rushed him to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> it is threatening.
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a person working here as an employee, trying to put some food on the table for his family, he gets shot to death. bill whole thing is awful. >> it is bad enough they take the money. get the money and go. then they have to shoot him, to prove that is really sad. >> police say the suspect got away in a dark-colored man, and police say it was found nearby engulfed in flames, but the search for the suspect continues. >> that makes us more note -- more nervous, because we do not know where he is at. >> we do not know. that man could be watching us. they do not care about human lives. >> the concern now is for the employee and his family. other employees were visibly shaken. >> it was that one cashier, she
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had tears in her eyes, crying about oil thank, and everybody agrees that al fayed was senseless. i just do understand that kind of stuff. >> now, walmart did release a statement, saying that they are concerned about their associates, and they go on to say this was a senseless act of violence. "we are working with the police department to provide any information to help in identifying who is responsible." they also brought in counselors to help those who were upset. anne arundel county police want to hear from anyone who may have information that could lead them to the suspect. kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. there are new details and the petraeus sex scandal, and president obama answered questions during a news conference. >> petraeus is resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair. they grilled officials about it
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today. our 11 news bureau chief from washington's sally kidd has the latest. >> two key questions in this case, centered around the fbi's handling of the investigation and whether any national security was ever at risk. it is his first public comment on the petraeus sex scandal. >> i had no evidence. from what i had seen, that classified information was disclosed that would in any way have a negative impact on our national security. >> president obama says he is withholding judgment on whether he should have been notified sooner about the petraeus investigation. >> we do not have all of the information yet. >> they were looking at the time line in a closed door meetings, with the directors. >> no comment. >> dianne feinstein says
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betrays had agreed to testify before congress about the attack on the consulate in benghazi. >> his own personal behavior. nonetheless, i think he could be a very constructive witness. >> meantime, in his mistress has been staying at a relative's home in dca >> do you agree that this story is getting weirder by the the? >> and the pentagon continues to examine questionable emails exchanged between general john locke -- general john allen and jill kelley, who was a volunteer social liaison. no word on when petraeus will testify before congress. senator feinstein says his testimony will focus on the benghazi attack and not on his extramarital affair.
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sally kidd, wbal tv 11 news. >> and a casino announced a major expansion plan today, including hiring some 1200 new workers. we are joined now from our randle mills mall with more with david collins. >> they are even looking farther down the road of the expansion, including building a hotel and conference center next to the casino. ♪ >> know when to fold them, know when to walk away ♪ >> he took a chance of building a casino during a recession, to have table games and hired ball hundred more people for his maryland live location. >> what are we going to do with these 1200 new people? about 800 of them will be directly related to the table
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games themselves. >> as soon as the regulations regarding table games are complete, they will have craps, roulette, poker tables, and more. the target date is early spring. they are also offering a tuition-free dealers school, and they will have to audition. >> they will have to learn proper chip handling, cards shuffling, money management. >> maryland live sits on 12 acres next you are on the show mills mall, and the casino is surrounded by hotels and retailers. they believe the addition of light table games, operating, combined with live music, a celebrity chef, plus several high-end restaurants inside the facility will make a world-class facility. they will have this almost exclusively for two years.
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but another planned in baltimore city. establishing partnerships with hotels and restaurants, making it a destination casino. if they build at national harbor, it will, too, have all of the bells and whistles, being marketed, too, as a destination casino. >> how will that affect the operation? >> we will compete very well, thank you. we are used to competing, and you have raised a difficult and complex question that will take me a long time to answer. >> the state gaming condition will address regulations next month. they began advertising for positions on monday, and already, they have received more than 500 applications. dealers school opens at the mall, and no timetable for the hotel and conference center. however, it has been part of the casino master plan all
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along. wbal tv 11 news, david collins. >> another tax could be possible for businesses and consumers. the primary funding under consideration is a surcharge on the product registration fees that companies pay to the state. this would be on top of the sales tax that consumers pay, making it the third such attacks on the same bag of dog or cat food. the task force is using euthanasia statistics from across the state to justify the consideration for this new tax. there are currently a number of reduced spay and neuter programs, which lower the cost for those who cannot afford the procedure. in annapolis today, a new push to add a $1 tax on a pack of cigarettes for maryland smokers. the group says it would help more young people kick the habit. if the measure is approved, it will be the fourth time in more than one decade.
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they hope the extra $1 will put the price of cigarettes out of reach for teenage smokers. >> this will really discourage teenagers from buying cigarettes. they are working hard, trying to make money just to buy clothing that they want, and they are not going to spend another dollar on cigarettes, when they know that other people do not want them smoking anyway. >> some have agreed to sponsor a cigarette bill when the session reconvenes next year. and security just got a little bit easier for some bw y thurgood marshall travelers. >> ben roethlisberger is out. and now, his long-term prognosis, coming up. >> cooler than normal temperatures hanging around.
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>> some good news for travelers, but there is a bit of a catch. >> it is available at the airport for all flights leaving out of concourse d, as in david. they provide personal information about themselves online. they get put on a list, and in return, they get a no hassle security check in. >> we are able to provide them with an expedited security
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screening process so we can spend more time with those who may pose a threat to aviation, so it is really offering those you are willing to share information about themselves to have an expedited screening. >> we have provided a link on our website, be sure to click on news. >> now, your insta-weather plus forecast, with meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> it was a cold, early november morning. nashville, tenn., 32 degrees this morning. 34 degrees all of the way down into mississippi, and it was 18 in northern michigan. officially at bwi marshall, temperatures around 30 degrees at the airport, and then we finished with a high of 48. we are going to continue to see these below-normal temperatures. 47 at the inner harbor. if you are going out this
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evening, already down to 39 in manchester. the mountains, they have had temperatures below freezing for a large part of the day. it is only 30 in oakland and just barely around freezing. pper 30's downtown overnight, like north wins. nationwide, it is an unusually tame weather pattern. no big storms to be found in the lower 48 right now. a little clipper up in canada, no real threat to us. a threat off the coast, not really a threat except maybe a spotty shower down in central florida. this into the ohio valley is trying to work into the front. may be an area of low pressure is trying to form along the coast, but even if it does, most of the computer models keep the rain off of the coast.
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the sprinkle could work its way up into ocean city, but other than that, that system's days away, and high pressure continues to rule our weather pattern as the least we go through the first part of the upper weekend. 47 to 52, temperatures below normal, north winds averaging 5 miles per hour. the bay water temperature at the thomas point light now at 52 degrees. cold stuff continues in the mountains. it will barely get to 40 degrees. the highs in the 60's on the eastern shore. this is running about 5 to 8 degrees. on the lower eastern shore, a slight chance for a brief shower or sprinkle. some clouds to contend with. and if you're going to check up near pittsburgh over the weekend, this is good weather for pittsburgh at this time of the year. partly cloudy, chilly, light east wins. right now, it does not look like
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there will be any problems, and this is for the game. partly cloudy thursday, friday, and some showers going into sunday night with a best chance for rain showers on monday, into tuesday morning. as you can see, temperatures staying below normal. >> this is 11 sports. >> not that you hope for injuries, not even for steelers, but as injuries constitute a large portion of the game, the ravens is not shedding any tears. ben roethlisberger will not play sunday against the ravens. he may not make it back for the game later in baltimore. they have a quarterback on sunday instead, and that is not a bad option. >> competitiveness.
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highly successful. at one time, with jacksonville, he was one of the premier quarterbacks. he has still got those skills. he has got a lot left. he has not played a lot lately, so he is healthy, a strong arm, a very smart player. >> definitely, not disappointed to hear they are not playing, but you want to go out there and play your best. they do not have any excuses. >> and the ravens had the special teams player of the week. the kickoff return last sunday. jones was the first in franchise history in one area. it was worth a dance. also, a touchdown, the first of his career.
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a recovered fumble. averaging 52.5 in four efforts. either way, the special teams put together their finest season game. in new york, a serious. an over abundance of clowns. the jets continue to squabble with themselves and do so behind the cloak of anonymity. one person talked about tim tebow, "he is terrible." to do that to a guy who has not had a chance to prove himself, it is a little bit embarrassing. also, a reminder that the terrible quarterback beat the jets. indeed, you could say that barnum and bailey, they are impressed it makes you wonder. the locker room disappearing.
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3-6. >> yes. >> to say the least. stay with us. >> reaction spread pretty quickly online about the whole thing. >> we had some twitter issues. >> the ravens are going to have some fun. >> some people kept it short and simple. "hallelujah." another said it, "fantastique." >> all four of those games, 1- scoring games. >> stay with us. tom is next with the 7-day forecast.
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>> tonight at 11:00, and potentially life-saving drug for those who overdosed on drugs like heroin. >> it is free in some areas but probably out of reach and other
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areas. deborah weiner has more. >> overdose cases are exploding, but what if there were some antidote, a way to save lives? why would not be more widely available? for this mother, the only thing worse than losing her son to a heroin overdose was discovering that there was an inexpensive drug out there that may have allowed him to survive. >> i was sad to know that if i had had it, could that have made a difference? i would not know. >> what is this antidote? why can some get it for free, and why do some consider it a terrible mistake. >> the reality is, why stop? >> coming up on 11:00, the effort to make the antidote more widely available
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>> is not that bad, weatherwise. >> just a bit of cloud cover from time to time. it is chilly. 57 to 58, but upper 40's to lower 50's to finish out the work week. this stays off of the coast, a chance for a shower sunday afternoon, into monday, and it should be out of here by tuesday next week. >> that is a look at our news. thanks for joining us.
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>> "nbc nightly news" is next. see you at 11:00. >> good night.
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